Friday Lights

Ohhhh Friday:  The dream of the working class.   From Monday to Thursday you dream of Friday,  and the occasional dreaming of it on a Sunday.  For me,  I no longer dream of the weekend, as every day is a weekend for me.  When you have no job, no money, and very little ambition as of right now there is no such thing as excitement for the weekend.  My old Fridays were packed with outfit planning, hair tutorial watching, and pre-drinking.  But lately its filled with nothing but drinking tea, watching soap operas with my mother, and gossiping about who’s daughter got married, and who’s daughter got divorced.  It’s also packed with packed with making tea, and instead of hair and makeup tutorials, I now watch baking videos on youtube.  Which BTW I can tell you is not helping my weight at all.   My mother on the other hand is enjoying all of this.   For once she doesn’t need to get up mid-way through her soap operas to make fresh tea, or get a glass of water.  She has a live in maid, which when questioned she says its why she brought me into this world.  And so for now I will live in her world, until I can pack up and go into my own world.  A world of heels, music, and champagne glasses.

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