Mistress Preeti

After the last spat I had with Preeti, I didn’t think I would hear from her again. After all she didn’t even come to my goodbye dinner when I moved to a new city.  I was pissed frankly, and was sure our friendship was over,   thatand the fact that I hadn’t heard from her in months confirmed that notion.   However a few days ago I got a face time request from her.  Not even a call to break the ice, but a face time call.  I felt obligated to pick up the call, for some unknown reason.  It started with an awkward silence of me making faces at her, and her throwing me kisses.   Clearly the bitch was drunk out of her head, and was face timing me to say she was sorry, and misses me so so much.   This wasn’t Preeti talking of course, it was the tequila shots.  Drinking ever does one thing to most people, and that it makes you speak the truth.  After her apologies and the ice shattering between us, she confessed that she has officially become tangled with a married man, and he was going to leave his wife for her.  Her only confusion?  She wasn’t sure why a man that was about to leave his wife for his mistress, kept updating his Facebook profile pictures to new pictures of him and his current wife. Confusion to a drunkard in love, like queen bee said. But it was clear to any idiot, that wasn’t Preeti, that this guy would never leave his wife for her and was only wanting to get into her pants.  To which Preeti denied and stated that he wanted to wait until they were officially married to sleep with eachother: RIGHHHHHTT!  I can tell you the details of our entire conversation but frankly it’s a bore.  Just imagine any girlfriend you have had, whether past or present whom made the dumbest excuses for their boyfriends, fiances, or husbands and you will know EXACTLY what I mean.

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