Preeti With the Cherry

Preeti has given away her cherry AGAIN.  She’s in love AGAIN.  She said she’s a virgin AGAIN.  A virgin for the 8th time now.  How she gets away with it?? I have no fucking idea.  But somehow the guys she’s wish believe her.  My conversation with her last night…

“Wait, wait, WAIT!  You said you were a virgin, and he believed you?!?!”   I asked completely amazed.

“Yes, and he believed me! He wants to  propose, and you know send a proposal and all that shit” she said rolling her eyes.

” I don’t understand, how the fuck are you getting away with this?? How the fuck is he not noticing that you aren’t? Like how do you do it?!?”

“OMG you’re so fucking annoying! It’s simple, when he enters I moan and lie and say oh it hurts and make it difficult and blah blah blah.  Honestly, its not science!”


And there ladies and gentleman you have it.  That is how you pretend to be a virgin.  You just lie and say “Oh, it hurts”!

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