I have found him! My prince charming, whom not only is tall, dark, and handsome, but utterly open minded.  Did I mention he lives in Paris?!  Well, I did now.  Yes, he lives in Paris, the city of love and romance, the city of yummy cheese, and cheap delicious wine.  I was ecstatic!  How did I meet him, you’re wondering?  I haven’t! Like I SAID, he lives IN PARIS!  This was a set up by my cousin, and not my mom thank god!  He had seen a picture of me, and had mentioned it to my cousin, whom was more then happy to introduce us via Skype.  He was from my country, and even the same city!   So you can see, I was super excited about this.   I even spoke to him a few times over the phone, and it felt like we’ve know each other for years! We even made plans to meet up in January.  I was going to go visit my cousin whom lives there, and then meet up with him.

I imagined wearing a beret and red lips, sipping a cup of cafe-au-lait, while my lover looked deeply into my eyes and spoke to me in beautiful French.  I pictured us walking hand in hand, and getting kissed on top of the Eiffel Tower.  Oh, the things your mind can conjure up!


That was my original post.  It was way more cheesier then that, because I had truly thought I’d found someone whom had a lot of the qualities I was looking for.  What I didn’t realize was that he had a French girlfriend whom he has been with for SIX years! Yes, six years and they have even been living together!  I found this out through my older sister when I mentioned my so called Prince Charming.  So this guy was just dating her, until he found someone from his culture and then he would dump her for me.  So first he’s looking for a wife while he has a girlfriend, which means he’ll be searching for a mistress as soon as he gets a wife!  Frankly I was pissed, and when I mentioned this to my cousin he waived away my anger, saying every guy does that.  How can every guy do that?   Anyways, that conversation didn’t go anywhere, and you can bet your ass I ignored him.  I didn’t even give him an explanation as to why I just stopped replying to his texts and calls.   I am sure my cousin updated him.  I don’t even feel bad for leaving his ass hanging, just like he didn’t feel bad about keeping his options open while being in a six year relationship.

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