The Smallness of the World

To say dating is tough, would be an understatement.   My date today, that I just left only about half an hour ago was the best date I had ever gone on.  You’re probably waiting for the but.  If this was a movie, there would be no BUT.  There would just be butterflies, rainbows, and that you’re in love smile.  However in my stories, its never that way.  This guy was beyond amazing, he was great in fact.  He gave me butterflies, and didn’t mind that I lived alone.  I was actually shocked that my mom had set this up.  A cousin of a cousin of a sisters husbands wife type situation.   I was hesitant, until  I saw his picture of course.   He was tall, beige and handsome which I didn’t mind, because there is nothing that a little bit of tanning wouldn’t fix.  He had the body of a handsome cottage builder, with the brains of a sophisticated professor.  He was witty and quick to remark to my language of sarcasm.  I say he WAS because after this date he no longer will be.  Which really is a shame.  My heart hurt a bit saying that.  I haven’t met anyone since the Bastard whom ignited in me those tiny butterflies.  I was so excited for our date today, that I was up at exactly 6 am sharp, and went for a run in the coldness of  winter.

Anyways.  When I said the world is small it really is.  We were laughing at a story he was telling me, and I wanted to show him a video of my best friend and niece signing a cute song.  His whole face paled when I showed him the video.  I thought he was going to pass out from the cuteness of the video.  I mean, I knew my niece was cute but I didn’t expect that to be his reaction.  You see God has a funny way of deterring your plans.  Here I was looking into his eyes, and thinking of what our babies would look like, and here the guy was thinking to himself “Shit, my ex-girlfriend is her greatest friend in the whole entire world”.   This beautiful, smart, handsome, cool guy, was the same one whom broke my best friends heart, and had her crying for an entire year.

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