You Should Know..

You should know I haven’t done much this year so far.  I am still jobless, and have applied for like one job.  My mother things the answer to my confusion and loss is marriage, and my sister thinks its becoming the nanny to her children, and I think the answer is just to lose weight.  I haven’t done much because I am still stuck on that Bastard.  A year today exactly and all I think about is him stupid ugly face, and his handsomely devilish smile.  Did I say handsomely devilish smile? I meant his stupid fucking hideous smile.  Anyways  other then that, I am mostly sleeping.

BUT on a good note, I have lost some weight.  I went from 170 lbs down to 148 lbs as of today! How did I do that?  By eating NO flour and tons of sugar.  Okay, maybe not tons, but sometimes when I get hungry I skip dinner and just eat a chocolate bar.  Also, now don’t be shocked, I’ve taken on out door running! I don’t recommend that shit to ANYONE, especially in the winter time, but its helping get my fat ass in shape.  For now I have promised to live in the library, and do nothing but job hunt and figure out my future! Ohhhh how complicated that sounds! Maybe the answer is to get married! An arranged one with a man whom is bald and has a basketball for a stomach.  Sigh….. oh the horrible options are ENDLESS!

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